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Fourth Circuit allows a full hour of arguments in Virginia same-sex marriage case

Fourth Circuit map

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear an hour of arguments in Virginia’s marriage equality case.


10 Comments April 23, 2014

The National Organization for Marriage wants to intervene in the Oregon marriage equality case

Oregon State Seal

NOM is attempting to intervene in challenge to Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban.


26 Comments April 23, 2014

Ninth Circuit receives briefs in gay juror discrimination case

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will decide whether to rehear a case involving a gay juror who was struck from the jury based on his sexual orientation.


58 Comments April 22, 2014

Prop 8 Lawyer Plans Lesbian Daughter’s Wedding

By Matt BaumeThe lawyer who led the defense of Proposition 8 now says his attitudes are evolving as he plans his daughter's lesbian wedding. Michigan officials are trying to invalidate hundreds of couples' marriage licenses, but now those couples are fighting back. A ...


16 Comments April 22, 2014

Tenth Circuit Focuses on Standing

First, if you haven't read Scottie's report, close this tab, and go read his post now. I think you can gain a lot through a listen or two of the audio (MP3 file available here), but there is just nothing that can make up for the ability to see the argument in person and view ...


205 Comments April 17, 2014

Tenth Circuit hears arguments in challenge to Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Analysis and highlights from the Tenth Circuit arguments in Bishop v. Smith, from outside the courtroom in Denver, Colorado.


71 Comments April 17, 2014

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